I am a Storyteller!

My name is Mirabela, I am a wife, a mom and a woman on the go; Standing still is not in my nature! Many might wonder how did you come up with that name? Well my first born, was my inspiration, my drive. Sofia for the longest time couldn't pronounce the letter S and she would call herself Fofia. She has thought me to be a better person and made me a new me.

The Sailboat on my logo represents my son Hunter known as Captain Hunter. This strong fellow had a rough start, we spent the majority of his first two years of life in the hospital undergoing over 22 surgeries. Things weren't easy and days felt like months but beside everything he stayed strong, he proved many wrong and taught me a whole new meaning of life.

I started as a specialized ICU photographer and transition over to capture life's whole story. There is many ways to look at things, and what of a better way other than capturing those angles with my camera.

I don't just capture pictures, I capture a story, Your Story!

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MacGregor Life Magazine

Mako Medical

Ryan Seacrest Studio

Orange Theory Fitness

“Taking an Image, Freezing a Moment, Reveals How Rich Reality Truly Is.”